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Online Cloud Storage Services Vs Offline Data Storage Solutions

Online Cloud Storage Services Vs Offline Data Storage Solutions

Businesses need to store, share and access any amount of data at any time. Their dependency on cloud storage services has increased in last few years.Programs like with their resellers offering great Carbonite specials ,deals and coupons .But, is it right for a business to depend on cloud storage companies? Or should they stay clung with offline storage options? Here is a small comparison of cloud backup solutions vs offline data storage solutions based on certain key parameters.


At initial level, secondary storage devices like tapes, compact discs, USB sticks, USB hard drives, solid-state drives, network storage servers, etc. may sound cheaper and hence appealing but with the growing business data the fact might reverse. But with a cloud storage solution in place, there is no need to procure new devices, as it offers flexibility and scalability in equal measure, but interestingly in an affordable manner.

IT Burden

Moreover, a business needs extra measures to secure offline data storage devices against any unauthorized access, theft, physical vulnerabilities and natural disasters. Hence, in the long run it pounds extra financial weight on IT department. But with data being stored in cloud, the entire responsibility regarding the protection of data stays with the vendor. Hence, IT heads can stay stress-free and handle other valuable tasks to drive productivity.

Recovery Time

Undeniably, this is the primary objective and it should be served well. Generally all offline data backup devices can be used to recover data and restore files in a quick and easy manner, provided they don’t undergo any mechanical or technical flaws. However, the challenges that we have discussed are unpredictable in terms of occurrence and magnitude both. Thanks cloud storage services provide refuge to business or enterprise data.


Offline data storage solution takes a backseat here as data can be stored across different silos in different departments. But with cloud, entire data is stored at one place, and administrators can create not just number of users but can also manage their permissions and restrictions just via a Web-based control management. Moreover, data can be compressed, archived, encrypted and deleted based on business’ needs from anywhere, and at any time.

Mobile Access

Offline cloud storage totally fail to comply with mobility and bring your own device concepts which are the need of the hour. Cloud takes a substantial lead here. It gives better autonomy to users in terms of mobile data access via an Internet connection.

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Online Cloud Storage Services Vs Offline Data Storage SolutionsOnline Cloud Storage Services Vs Offline Data Storage Solutions

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