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Military-grade protection to home or home-office data with BackupRunner

Distance, someone said truly, makes the heart grow fonder. Till the time, everything goes well on your computer or device, you don’t care about data security and data backup aspects, but the moment something goes wrong, and you are parted away from data, you start pondering about the value of the lost items. Home Startup, Home Plus, HomePlusPro programs are devised to make sure that you never have to part away from your valuable data.It can also easily handle anti virus programs like Norton. ( coupons for norton available here )

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How to start backup?

Once you have opted for the particular home backup plan, a setup wizard appears to guide you further to create backup, schedule backup, automate backup and do more. Notifications flashes as how much data has been backup and a detailed email make it more clear.

For Home Choose your files with help from the Smart Scanner.
For Home Set automatic backups (BackupRunner also looks for changes in your files and automatically backs them up!)
For Home Let the software continue to protect your data!
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How to start data recovery?

The ultimate goal to backup is to withstand the awry situation. Forget what happened to your PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets that led to data loss or deletion, and resume where you left your work. See how, you can overcome with BackupRunner:

For Home Download the BackupRunner for Home & Home Office software onto your new computer or device.
For Home Log in to your account.
For Home Select the files and folders from the “tree view” that you’d like to get back.


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I found their backup services very cost-effective as well as highly beneficial for my important stuff. Also, their unlimited cloud storage let me save my data without getting lost. "Sophia"